PURIFYING is an exclusive purifying-oxygenating beauty plan that revolutionizes facial skincare protocols with Cosmetic Drone Technology and pure oxygen.

» Price: 2.000.000 VND/session

» Process recommended: 4-8 sessions (1 session per week)


Purifying Treatment is much more than cleansing; it is a revolutionary treatment that purifies the skin at all levels without needing complementary products.

Externally, it eliminates the layer of superficial pollutants and it eases the removal of blackheads. Internally, it detoxifies the cells, oxygenates and energizes them, prolonging their life and allowing them to function 100%.

PURIFYING TREATMENT combines medical technology and professional cosmetics to oxygenate and purify the skin, allowing it to breathe once  again.




  • OPEN PORE: Advanced purifying technique made of natural oils, hydrolysed oat and natural surfactants that provide the latest quality in skin cleansing.
    Dilating the pore and softening the blackhead to ease its removal. The perfect blend of its co mponents helps the skin treated to be micro-relaxed.
  • D + E CELL COMPLEX: Phức hợp giải độc tế bào dựa trên cây Mirabilis Jalapa. Nó giúp loại bỏ các độc tố mà tế bào tạo ra và tích tụ bên trong, ngăn chúng hoạt động và giảm sự hình thành trong tương lai.
    – Innovative active ingredient made of the COSMETIC DRONE TECH-
    NOLOGY with micro encapsulated Chlorella (algae rich in chloro.
    phyll, vitamins, proteins and essential amino acids).
    – Lets the cell successfully transform the energy into metabolic light.
    – It is a revolutionary system which liberates pure oxygen.
    – It exponentially increases the metabolic activity, optimizes the process
    of cell reproduction.


  • The activity of those cells receiving oxygen is tripled and the division of cells increases by 20%.
  • The skin is deeply cleansed, looking radiant and thoroughly purified due to the exclusive combination of its purifying-detoxifying action and its oxygenating agents, which makes the skin improve it at all levels.


  • It is aimed at all skin types, including those with a delicate, reactive or damaged skin, who want to have an adequate facial, hygiene and enhance the effects of the forthcoming beauty product – no matter whether it is for specific or everyday use.
  • Unisex formula. To be used all year round.


  • PHASE 1: Detoxifying phase: cleanses and detoxifies our facial skin. Chemical innovative peeling made of the FUTURE PEEL (which combines malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, natural extracts and wheat bran) and SILK PROTEIN. It eliminates pollutants while it regenerates our skin, keeping an optimum level of moisturizing. Time 10 min approx.
  • PHASE 2: Cleansing-purifying Phase. It micro-relaxes the skin area, dilating the pore and softening the blackheads to ease its removal; It eliminates sebaceous substances accumulated inside our skin.
    OPEN PORE dilator effect promotes better penetration of all the active ingredients that we subsequently apply. Time 8 min approx.
  • PHASE 3: Oxygenating Phase.
    It has a revolutionary oxygenating method which stimulates the cells to breathe, increasing the influx of nutrients in the skin. Time 6-8 min. approx.
  • PHASE 4: Energyzing DRONE.TECH Phase.
    Intelligent serum made of the CHLORELLA DRONE-TECH, D+E CELL COMPLEX and OXY-MOVER. It increases the energy levels of the skin, eliminates pollutants inside the cell and improves the movement of oxygen. Time 10 min. approx.
  • PHASE 5: Refreshing and hydrating.
    Peel-off face mask rich in minerals and moisturizing active ingredients. It is made of SEA ALGAE mixed with MINT, giving the skin an intense cooling effect to relax the skin and close the pores to let them work. This face mask should be used whenever we want to give our skin a cooling, soothing and moisturizing effect.Time 20 min. approx.
  • PHASE 6: Hydro-oxygenating Phase.
    Thanks to its energy intakes, it lets the cell receive more oxygen and improves cell respiration as a whole. The hyaluronic acid, which has a low molecular weight, gives intense energy and acts as a wrinkle filler from the inside of our skin.