Lip Spray Process – 3 Things About Latest Lip Tattooing Technologies

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Lip Spray Process – The key to enhancing allure for a bright smile and adding to facial beauty lies in achieving plump, attractive lips. Regrettably, not everyone is fortunate enough to possess naturally perfect lips. The introduction of lip spraying technology has ushered in a beauty revolution, focusing on attaining naturally smooth and delightful lips. In this article, we will delve into 3 Things About Latest Lip Tattooing Technologies.

What is lip spray?

Lip spray is the most sophisticated lip cosmetic procedure available today. The expert will move on the surface of the lips with specialized spray devices with micro-needle heads, then slowly inject the ink color into the epidermis of the lips, assisting the lips to become red, fresh, and lovely.
Lip spray is the most sophisticated lip cosmetic procedure available today
Lip spray process
The lip spray approach can help you solve the problem of dark, pale lips and unclear lip lines without spending too much time applying makeup. The procedure is non-invasive and produces long-lasting cosmetic effects.

Innovative lip spray technology

Many ladies ask what sorts of lip spray are available and which method should be used to achieve the best aesthetic result before performing.
According to Sorella experts, depending on the lip condition as well as the customer’s demands, we provide the proper way to comprehensively overcome undesired flaws and restore naturally beautiful lips.

Lip spray process with collagen

Collagen lip spray is a treatment that provides collagen essence to assist in naturally rebuilding and coloring lips.
Customers will be directly implanted with collagen crystal particles into the lips while using this technology, entering deep into the skin’s epidermis to assist hydrate and nurturing soft and smooth lips.

Crystal Lips Spray

The crystal lip spray method is a Korean fad that allows clients to instantly possess attractive, natural, and beautiful crystal lip color.
Crystal lip spray technology employs a micro-nano-needle tip to introduce the ink color into the ink’s regular layer, resulting in dazzling colors with a glittering crystal-like appearance.

Candy Lips Spray

Candy Lips lip spray is a blend of stem cells that have been treated using cutting-edge technology to create a film of color on the lips. Candy Lips lip spray technology is ideal for lips that are dark, drab, lifeless, or dry.

The most popular lip spray palette

Red lip spray

When performing lip spray, many ladies choose a red-pink lip color. This is an Asian-friendly tint that helps to brighten the complexion and whiten teeth.
Red-pink lip spray is ideal for all skin types, particularly ladies with thin skin, exposed capillaries, and blue-white skin tone, and helps the face become more bright, fresh, and appealing.

Red-orange lip spray

Red-orange is a classic lip color ideal for the age group of 20 to 27 years old, with a delicate combination of red and orange to help produce a new, attractive lip color, converting for many ancient makeup styles. From traditional to young and contemporary.
Spraying red-orange lips is also the national hue for all complexion kinds, ranging from fair to dark. This is a hue that helps to boost the skin tone, making the face brighter and ruddier, especially for dark-skinned ladies.
The most popular lip spray palette
Lip spray process

Spray baby pink lips

Baby pink is a natural lip color that is ideal for females between the ages of 18 and 25, who have a lovely, feminine style and an innocent and pure disposition.
Nevertheless, this is not the correct hue for individuals with dark complexion; the skin will appear bland and less sharp than usual. Please keep this in mind while selecting a natural lip color!

Peach pink lip spray

Peach pink, like baby pink, is a popular lip color among women since it helps to create a mild, gentle, but equally loving image.
Peach pink lip color is not ideal for dark complexion, but only for ladies with pink or white skin.

Spray orange-pink lips

Pink-orange will be comparable to peach, but brighter owing to the stronger orange tint. This is also the lip color that many ladies prefer over baby pink or peach pink. Women with dark skin can also try it!
Furthermore, orange-pink lip color is appropriate for a wide range of cosmetics and fashion trends, from feminine to personality and seductive.

About the lip spray process

In addition to microblading eyebrow procedures, lip spraying has been one of Top Beauty’s specialties in recent years.

Nowadays, the lip spraying method is appropriately done with the help of Top Beauty and attracts the attention of girls with the aid of a group of professionals with a few years of experience, and extreme aesthetic taste, providing pride and peace of mind. Certainly for customers.

Lip tattoo spray technology – Gorgeous lips may be found anywhere and at any time.

Who can use this service?

Lips that are dull, gloomy, or pale, and lack vitality

– Lip color is significantly less vibrant, and no longer matches pores, skin color, or hair color.

– Despite several one-of-a-kind approaches, the lip color has not taken the lead.

– Defects in lip form, lip contour, and lip wings.

Colorful lips that are inherently gorgeous

Lip spraying is a method of creating spectacular herbal lip sedation along with optimal lip form adjustment for clients to transmit wonderful herbal lips anytime, anywhere.

There is a modern-day tattoo sprayer with a 0.2mm micro-needle to place tattoo ink extracted from herbal herbs softly and penetrate deeply into the lip cells, lip tattoo spray helps to deal with darkish lips, and generates fresh, breathtaking herbal lip colors anytime, wherever for consumers.

Quick color time and performance

Lip spraying is completed quickly in 30-45 minutes for normal lips and 45-60 minutes for darker lips, saving clients time.

Lip spraying process

At Sorella Beauty & Spa, the beauty lip spray process is completed by the beauty tattoo spray method to ensure complete protection and long-term efficacy for clients via the following steps:

Step 1: Come to the spa and ask for advice

Before proceeding with the carrier, you may be counseled by professionals in the circumstance and color technique that is appropriate for you.

Lip spray process
Lip spray process

Step 2: Clean and disinfect the area around the lip

To avoid bacterial contamination during lip spray, you should be wiped clean with antiseptic water within the lip area and rinsed with physiological salt.

Step 3: Numb the pores and skin

Before beginning, you may be numbed using a specific anesthetic technique to protect you completely, painlessly, and consistently feel snugness throughout the lip spray method.

Step 4: Spray your lips

After finishing the instruction procedures, the professionals will adjust the vibration to meet each individual’s lip proximity. Next, continue to spray the lips in the previously agreed-upon shape and color.

Step 5: After spraying, take care of your lips

You may go back immediately after finishing the lip spray process with no respite.

The specialist will guide you with a few notes to care for and feed your lips at home and schedule a follow-up visit for the best lip spraying effect.

Lip tattoo ink color is an excellent ink that has been swiftly imported from the United States and Korea… 100% derived from non-poisonous natural plants, ensuring aesthetic effect and complete patient protection. 

In conclusion, the lip spray process has revolutionized the way we enhance and beautify our lips. With its cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques, it has become a go-to solution for those seeking to achieve plumper, more defined, and natural-looking lips. As we have explored, the procedure is safe, efficient, and offers long-lasting results.

Moreover, the lip spray process has opened doors for individuals who desire to express their individuality through various lip styles and colors. This personalized approach allows people to embrace their uniqueness confidently, boosting their self-esteem and overall well-being.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is crucial to consult a professional and experienced technician who can provide tailored advice and create the desired outcome. Additionally, proper aftercare and maintenance play a significant role in ensuring the longevity and quality of the results.

As the lip spray process continues to evolve and refine, we can expect even more impressive advancements in the future. Whether it’s adding new pigments, improving techniques, or enhancing safety measures, the journey toward perfecting this art is bound to continue.

How to recognize the signs of successful lip spray that you should know

Appropriate Lipstick Color

A positive indicator is that the lip color aligns with the initial desire. The applied color should not deviate or distort compared to the intended shade. It is crucial for the lip color to appear natural and remain unaltered after the peeling process to be deemed a successful result of lip spray process.

Uniform Lip Color

The lip color post-spray should exhibit uniformity across the entire lip surface, free from any smudges or irregularities. This indicates a well-executed lip spray technique, yielding excellent aesthetic outcomes.

Absence of Visible Lip Line

A successful lip spray is characterized by an inconspicuous lip line that appears natural and beautiful. According to experts at Gangwhoo, the spray ink application should define a clear lip line, avoiding a darker hue than the inner lip. This ensures a youthful and natural appearance, signifying proper technique and optimal results for clients.

Prompt Peeling

Lips typically peel within 5-7 days after spraying, a normal process that stabilizes the color. If the peeling occurs as expected during this timeframe, it signifies a successful and expedited lip spray outcome.

No Signs of Infection

Post-spray, a successful result will exhibit no signs of infection such as excessive swelling, bruising, blood vessels, or pain. This further validates the beauty and desired outcome of the lip spray.

Prolonged Ink Color Durability

Long-lasting and durable ink color following lip spraying is a sign of success. If the lip color remains vibrant and intact for 4 to 5 years, it indicates a beautiful and enduring lip spray result.

Absence of Pain and Swelling

An integral aspect of a successful lip spray is the absence of pain and swelling. Outdated techniques with large spray heads may cause discomfort and swelling due to excessive force on the skin’s epidermis. However, at Gangwhoo, customers undergo the lip spray process with sophisticated techniques and modern tools, ensuring minimal swelling and pain.

No Water Pimples on the Lips

Lips are sensitive and prone to irritation. If water pimples appear post-lip spray, it serves as a warning sign of potential failure, necessitating prompt correction.

With the aforementioned signs of successful lip spray, you can assess the effectiveness of your lip spray results.

Overall, the lip spray process is a transformative experience that has left a positive impact on the beauty industry and the lives of countless individuals. It has empowered people to embrace their natural beauty, experiment with different lip aesthetics, and feel more confident in their own skin. Undoubtedly, the lip spray process will remain a sought-after option for those seeking to accentuate their lips and redefine beauty standards for years to come.

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