Simple Ways to Remove Nail Polish: 6 Ways that You can Follow

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Simple ways to remove nail polish, like socks, toothpaste, or deodorant, is one of those frustratingly required goods that we believe we shouldn’t have to pay for. Well, we’d probably spend that $4 on an iced latte anyhow, but there’s a difference: we adore our coffee, and it adores us in return. (Efficiency, productivity, health…)

Nail polish remover, on the other hand, couldn’t be less dramatic. Not only does the fragrance make our eyes wet and give us a headache, but it also dries our skin and doesn’t function very well, to begin with. This got us wondering if we could remove our nail polish without using remover. After all, nowadays there’s a hack for everything.

Sure enough, a little investigation revealed that there are a few techniques to remove nail polish without using a remover. Even better, you probably already have the majority of the essential items in your bathroom or kitchen.

Nail polish remover, on the other hand, couldn't be less dramatic
Nail polish remover, on the other hand, couldn’t be less dramatic

6 Simple Ways to Remove Nail Polish

These items range from hair spray to toothpaste to vinegar and lemon juice. Non-acetate options, such as soy-based nail polish remover, have also been added. For the most part, you simply apply the product to each finger as you would ordinary nail paint remover and massage until the polish is fully removed.

What is the writing on the wall? You’ll never have to forego a cup of coffee for a bottle of nail paint remover again. Here are six non-acetate nail polish removal methods.

Spray for Hair

We’re not sure what to think about this one—mildly horrified? But, Bustle reports that this simple removal procedure would absolutely work in a pinch. In real life: Your ride-or-die hair spray will also remove nail polish smears.


  • Hair spray
  • Cotton balls

Grab your cotton ball and place it directly in contact with the nozzle of your hair spray (this will really saturate it).

Next, just glide the cotton ball over your nails as needed. When all of the polish has been removed, thoroughly wash your hands and apply a sufficient amount of hand lotion.

Vinegar with fresh lemon juice

Vinegar is incredibly acidic and is well-recognized as a healthier alternative to common home cleaners. So why not use it for your nails as well? It works swiftly and is chemical-free when mixed with fresh lemon juice (which is similarly acidic).


  • 2–4 tablespoons of vinegar 
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Cotton balls
  • Shallow bowl

Combine the vinegar and lemon juice in a small basin and soak the nails for 10 to 20 minutes. After that, use the cotton ball to remove any remaining polish.

Simple ways to remove nail polish
Simple ways to remove nail polish

Remember to wash your hands and apply moisturizer here after that as well.

Hot Water and Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, a mild antibacterial, is another alternative for removing nail polish in a crisis. Also, it’s one of those strange things that almost everyone has stashed someplace at home (check under the bathroom sink or among other cleaning/medicinal supplies). The argument is that it aids in the removal of the substance by naturally releasing oxygen.

Because hydrogen peroxide is quite powerful, make sure you dilute it according to the instructions below.


Combine two parts hydrogen peroxide and one part boiling water. (To begin, mix 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide with 1/4 cup boiling water.)

Next, dip your fingers into the solution and massage the polish away with your palms. Remove any residual polish with a nail file.

Using Alcohol for Rubbing

In a pinch, rubbing alcohol can be used to remove nail polish. Because alcohol is a solvent, it may aid in the breakdown of materials, or in this case, dissolve polish. If you don’t have pure rubbing alcohol, you may use hand sanitizer or perfume, but it will take considerably longer. Remember that rubbing alcohol is quite drying, so be careful to hydrate your hands after using it.


  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton balls
Using Alcohol for Rubbing
Using Alcohol for Rubbing

Let your nails soak in rubbing alcohol. Next, using a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol, remove the nail paint. Please keep in mind that this procedure will need some effort to remove the polish, especially if you have glitter polish on.


Believe it or not, toothpaste may help you with more than just your teeth. This home item can also be used to remove polish. This approach works better with white toothpaste since it includes ethyl acetate, which is also contained in nail polish remover. If you have baking soda toothpaste on hand, it can also assist.


  • Toothpaste
  • Cotton balls

Put a glob of toothpaste on each nail and remove nail polish with a cotton ball or cotton pad.

Polish Remover Without Acetate

You might not realize it, but there are many non-acetate polish removers on the market. Soy-based polish remover, which includes nongreasy oils that work as a solvent to break down nail lacquer, is a popular option. Unlike acetate-based removers, it also helps to keep moisture in your hands and cuticles.


  • Soy-based polish remover
  • Cotton balls

Saturate a cotton ball with your preferred soy-based remover and firmly massage it on your nail until the lacquer is entirely removed.

How to Get Nail Polish Off Your Skin

If you give yourself a manicure or pedicure at home, some nail paint will most certainly wind up on your skin. To get rid of it, try the following:
  • Using a cotton ball or cotton swab, remove nail polish with acetone or non-acetone.
  • Hot water
  • One of the above-mentioned alcohol-based solutions: Hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, and spirits

How to Remove Nail Polish Out of Your Clothes

If you’ve gotten nail paint on your clothes by accident, here are some removal instructions:
Try to confine the stain as soon as possible and prevent it from spreading. Then, using an absorbent paper product such as a paper towel or a piece of toilet paper, remove as much polish as possible.
Wipe the stain with a cotton swab or a tiny piece of cloth dipped in nail polish remover, either acetone or non-acetone.
Here are some alternative methods for removing nail paint from clothing:
  • Using a stain-fighting detergent product
  • Adding white vinegar to your washing cycle to lift the stain
  • Washing your garments quickly after staining them to prevent the stain from setting
  • Hiring a dry cleaner to remove a deep nail paint stain

In conclusion, removing nail polish can be easily done using various methods. Depending on the specific situation and available resources, you can choose the most suitable method. Always remember to protect the skin around your nails and carry out the process carefully for the best results. The key is to regularly care for and beautify your nails to maintain the confidence of having perfectly manicured hands.

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